Visit Frequency

You may ask how often bike servicing is appropriate for your building.  There are 2 ways to answer this:

  1. How often do you wash your car?
    Having a clean bike is arguably more important than having a clean car because you have to power the bike yourself.  Grime, grease and dirt quickly build up on bikes.Or
  2. What are the characteristics of your building/ employees?
    This is a function of how many employees there are and the culture within the building.

    The building culture has a few factors such as:
    – Are your employees riding to work already?  Are they active?  Are you looking to encourage more of this?
    – Of the people who ride to work, who are they in the organisation?
    – How do your End of Trip Bike Facilities compare with other buildings?  Is it a pole outside that somebody can lock a bike to or is it a secure facility with showers, lockers, etc?
    – What kind of industry are your in?  Newer economy knowledge workers who are connected and networking are more likely to value this service.

This is a general guideline.  Naturally we encourage monthly visits because they are predictable and easier for everybody (and well, we want your business). If you want monthly visits and don’t yet have the culture/employees, DriveClean will look for financial support from the host building.

We are happy to discuss your thoughts and provide an assessment of suitability or frequency.  You can email, call on 0405 849 527