For Property Managers

DriveClean provides professional, high-quality mobile bike maintenance services that are simple to manage.  We can help you to portray your facilities in the best possible light.

Modern End of Trip Facilities (EOTF) have quickly become a point of differentiation among Melbourne buildings. Victoria continues to invest in cycling infrastructure and including additional bike requirements for new buildings.

As traffic stands still and public transport is packed, more professionals turn to bikes.  Your tenants are looking to support healthy lifestyles with employee wellness programs.

How it works

From the outset we work with you to agree on a schedule to be on-site on a regular, predictable basis.  This could be once a week, month, quarter, etc.  You then place DriveClean’s link on your portal and internal advertising.  Your job is done.

Individual employees are then able to book and pay for services automatically.  They receive reminder e-mails and texts and can cancel online.

We arrive on the day with a car and then set-up in your EOT facility or other appropriate location.  We are fully insured for third-party accidents.  At the end of the day,  we take our equipment and leave.  Simple.

Frequency and Pricing

There is a guide on suitability for your building and how frequently this service may be useful.  We are happy to discuss this in more detail.

Pricing is simple: $25 for a clean and $80 for a service.  If you are looking to subsidise the benefit, we can speak with you about options.

Why is DriveClean different?

Similar to your tenants, Peter is a professional who has managed employee benefit programs like this for his entire career.  He understands how to work seamlessly with various parties to everybody’s benefit.

DriveClean delivers on what it promises.  Our services have a feel-good aspect; customers are happy about the end product, and then happier once they ride.  We don’t attempt to sell services which may compromise relationships – we know what is and isn’t possible to deliver at high quality on a mobile basis.

In addition, DriveClean is a social enterprise.  This means our aim is to enhance our community through our interactions in a financially sustainable way.

Next Steps…

If you are still reading this, get in touch.  We can have a conversation about how this may work for your building.
0405 849 527