For Employers

DriveClean provides a quick, easy win for your wellness initiatives.

It’s said that cycling is the new golf.  Knowledge workers are riding bikes for networking, exercise and showing off new toys.  Just watching cycling on TV you can see brands advertising to professional audiences: Subura, Lexus, Michelton Wines, Orica, etc.

Who amongst your senior leaders are riding?

Additionally health and wellbeing at work has transformed from a nice consideration to a strategic differentiation.  We know that mental and physical health impact work performance.  You want to encourage healthy lifestyles and building relationships on a more personal level.  You also know that commuting has a significant impact on turnover.

What is the offer

Similar to dry cleaning or on-site massage, DriveClean provides a convenient, mobile bike cleaning and basic servicing within your facilities on an on-going basis.  We work with you at the start to determine an appropriate schedule.  You advertise the service internally and let us in on the day.  Your job is done.

It is a feel-good service.  Your people are happy when they get their clean bikes back and happy again when they ride them.

Your people book and pay for services through DriveClean’s portal, then receive reminder texts and e-mails.  Neither we nor our partners sell data.  We are fully insured for third-party accidents.  We can also provide usage reporting if you are tracking benefits investments.  Easy enough?

If you share a building with other tenants, we can still work directly with you or the facility manager to offer our services.

Visit frequency and Pricing

There is a guide on suitability for your organisation and how frequently this service may be useful.  We are happy to discuss this in more detail.

Pricing is simple and reasonable.  If you are looking to subsidise the benefit or custom initiatives such as workshops, we can speak with you about options.

We offer specific bike services because we feel these can be delivered consistently, at a high-quality level on a mobile basis.  We want to deliver services that build trust between you, employees and us, not just sell more stuff.

Next Steps…

If you are still reading this, get in touch.  We can have a conversation about how this may work for your organisation.
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