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There is a saying in racing – a clean bike is a fast bike.  Riding a dirty bike is like breathing through a stuffy nose.  You can easily lose 10 – 20% of your effort on any bike simply because it is dirty.

DriveClean offers services that we know are valuable to your riding and can be delivered at a high quality on a mobile basis every time.

Besides feeling great to ride, simple regular maintenance means your parts last longer and perform better.  The sound of bike parts working properly can be inspiring.

Here is a quick demonstration of what our cleaning includes

Tuning and servicing

We also offer bike tune-ups to keep your gears, brakes and other parts in general working order.  We cannot replace a bike store’s depth of services, but can offer you an unbiased opinion on whether your bike requires further attention.

After 150 years of manufacturing, there are still far too many standards, tools, parts, etc to provide consistently high-quality full mechanical bike services on a mobile basis.  We will do our best to accommodate specific custom requests on the day and offer a realistic assessment if we can deliver a high-quality result for you.  This is only possible once we look at your bike.

How it works – keeping it simple for you

DriveClean schedules regular, predictable visits with your employer or property manager such as once a month or once a quarter.  Once your building is on board with us, you can schedule and pay for services through our online portal.

Neither DriveClean nor our partners sell your data.

Once you book an appointment, you will receive notifications of the appointment.  On the day, we will set-up in your bike storage area.  You can bring your bike at any time before your appointment and pick it up before we leave.

If you need to cancel an appointment, we simply ask for a 6 hour notification (done online) in order to get a complete refund of your payment.

This sounds great, so how do I get my work to sign-up?

We would welcome an introduction to your organisation.  There are a few possible people in your organisation who may manage this type of benefit, such as
– Employee Wellness or Health & Safety Managers
– If you share building space, this may also be managed by Property/ Building Managers.
– Bicycle User Groups (BUGs)

You can tell them that this would be a valuable benefit to you and many others who ride to work.  You can pass our details onto them or pass their details onto us.  We aren’t the harrassing types, more like the pleasant conversation types.

Knowledge Sharing – some organisations we recommend and tips for bike maintanance

Happy Cycling!