About Us

We love riding – being outside, moving yourself, the feel of the bike.  We arrive to work and home feeling good.  We want customers to share in that experience, to Love Your Ride.

Our Story

DriveClean started as a social enterprise to strengthen our community through cycling.  Our aim is to create triple win scenarios wherein each interaction strengthens relationships between everybody involved.

Urban living can be isolating at times.  We each specialise in rapidly developing niches and surround ourselves with similar people.  This sometimes means that we don’t know our neighbours or connect with many of the other people around us.  Cycling is a great leveller and a medium for connecting with our physical environment and the people in it.

Not to mention cycling is great fun, beats driving plus provides a good excuse to eat lollies and cheese.


We welcome novel ideas to leverage cycling in enhancing our community strength.  Naturally we would view this through the lens of benefiting both parties, plus the community.  Get in touch.

Meet the Team
Peter –  Director

In his youth living at 2,100m in the foothills of the Rockies, Peter loved to mountain bike.  After a string of soccer, basketball and gridiron injuries directed his competitive spirit to bike racing, he worked as a bike mechanic and maintained his own bikes in a way that could be described as obsessive.  Since moving to Melbourne 15 years ago, his passions have been in triathlon, then road cycling, track and cyclo-cross.  He is heavily involved in Victorian bike racing as a participant, Commissaire, motopacer, race director and committee member.

Peter’s formal education resulted in a few post-graduate degrees with subjects like psychology and health economics.  He spent 15 years working in employee rewards at Fortune 200, ASX 100 and consulting companies.  In addition to DriveClean, he now also works in public health.

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Next Steps…

If you are interested in having us at your workplace, get in touch with us at info@driveclean.com.au or 0405 849 527

Trading Name: Drive Clean Hub
ABN: 41 027 534 517